Why i went to hollywood and ran to hollywood right after school

That was awesome. It was enlightenment. It was a bad idea

When I hugged my teachers before my date, my favorite instructor left me with these words, and I took them all the way home with me

You need a car in Los Angeles. So I took ten days and left Maryland, California, California

Let me rewind and give you a little context

Hi, I'm Terry. I grew up on a large farm in Maryland, which still has no Internet access in 2017. I specialized in film production at the University of Towson in the area of Baltimore and managed to get out and see the world, I did a job, taught English on a tiny island in South Korea. The contract is for the year. I stayed for four

It was not long before my songs, mine, began to claw at the door of my heart, so I began to look for my next leg in my way. I was an amateur screenwriter, taught myself this master after deciding to stay in my Korean apartment and "git guy" (as they say these days). So it was a good time to test at a time when the Vancouver Film School accepted me in its programs, written on screenwriting

Upon completion of my last training contract, I flew straight from Jeju, South Korea, to Vancouver not only by leaving one culture in which I was immerded in water, but also by introducing a brand new brand as an American (no, I did not vote for Trump), who had never set foot in Canada before. My first thought was you guys had a lot of French stuff written all over

Word to the wise: Don't move under your buds. The target will still exist

It's a little silly and a little uncalled to say that I learned a lot in graduate school, but while my teachers were an amazing source of knowledge (and friends that I did for my life), my education came from this new, dazzling fact that there were people who wanted the same things as me. More than my teachers, it was the one who motivated me "git gud."

The encouragement and sense of community. These things are rocket fuel for creative. So when my favorite instructor, and then my new friends, all told me "Get to LA," I really took it to my heart. I always knew this was what I had to do if I wanted to succeed as a writer

There was one problem. Now I'm broken

Being forced to move home, it causes a rather soft knee, a visceral, a negative reaction, no matter how much it supports your family. A week before I picked a job (a bank teller; I said the bank, I talked at parties) and started saving money. I gave myself a departure date (June 30, it was in December), and I gave myself the minimum amount of money I would have to buy ($10,000-if I had less, I wasn't going to)

June 30th before I found out about it. All I had to do was wait. Guess how much money I saved? It wasn't ten thousand dollars. But I went out anyway. Word to the wise: Don't move under your buds. The target will still exist

You need a car in Los Angeles. So I took ten days and left Maryland, California, California. Even your best friend on a trip like this could be tax. We stopped at Lexington, Nashville, in New Orleans, (Molly's at Decayis was struck, and said, "Hello," Harold for me), Austin, Roswell, Flagstaff, and Las Vegas on the way. It's been a lifetime journey, but to be honest, it was pretty intense

The second word for wisdom is that if you don't have any friends in the city that raised you, don't leave the city inside. Especially during the week

Hollywood is a nightmare in which tourists are more interested in their Instagram than in the history they are in

My friend didn' t go on final form in Vegas to L.A., he had to meet his sister. Okay, for the first time in the whole trip, it was me and my car. No mistakes, LA traffic is a very real phenomenon, and like John Wick, at best, the nightmare stories about him are in better condition. But I still did it. My company Chevy Classic did it. I had all my limbs, and my landlord was kind enough to help me unpack

The first thing I've noticed is that Hollywood is a nightmare in which tourists are more interested in their Instagram than in the story they are in. The Hollywood sign, the lighthouse for all the dreamers who watched it through the TV screens for years, is a small thing that can barely be seen through the pollution that is stranging this place. The City of Stars? More like a city. You didn' t see one star, Gosling. Not one

A cross-country disc in the average price of a car costs about a thousand dollars with gas, food and motels. I've already been alone, and already in my budget. I had to get a job

I had a bag of ready-made samples, and every studio in the area was going to get a piece of me

Whittier, the community I moved to, was a freak if not too far from the city. Twelve miles might not be that far on the Google maps, but in Los Angeles it could be a hundred

Regardless of this, the search for a job has begun. I had a batch of ready-made samples, and every studio in the area was going to get a part of me. Every morning it was spent on requests from agencies that turn to production companies, television studios and video game developers. If I wasn't going to write on television, I'd be a good production assistant, and if I wasn't going to do that, I might be able to get into the video

I didn' t hear anything for a month. And then, like the clouds, I got an interview from the post of Writer/Producer at the YouTube studio in Burbank. They offered me a position the next day

It wasn't good

I arrived after an hour and a half to work, with bright eyes, with a tuller and ready to start writing and producing. I didn' t get any of these things. I got four hours a day when I didn' t ask for compensation. So I finally did, and they told me. Nine dollars an hour for work that I don't belong to, and for almost two hours. Another suggestion to the wise men: Know when to quit, and have to do so

I was asked in one of the major studios that I wanted to interview in San Francisco

I resigned this evening. But then, right after that, something was so serene that I couldn't ignore it

One of the major witnesses asked me if I wanted to interview San Francisco. I can't tell you who they are, but you probably know who they are, and you know exactly the properties they worked on. They actually threw me out to talk in person. And I ended up with a very delicious gazebo with the company's employees, and until I got the first assignment I approached, I'm still in touch with them all the time

My parents were also in contact with me. Who was older. Suddenly, I realized how much I made my non-Internet farm farm to provide. All I wanted to do was get out of here. I didn' t see the wood behind the trees, and I certainly didn' t see the stars (which were there all the time)

However, if you do something like this, tell a friend. Don't be like that

In the summer of San Francisco, I had a little revelation. It doesn't matter how I did it. I can be a writer anywhere, at least until I have to be somewhere

I served my car, got tire rotation, changed my oil, and went back to Maryland

Home home was, in a word, released. I had a new playlist (I recommend "My Silver Linings" for all moves), a new concept of horror that I started to write, knock the page out every night in every room of the hotel where I stop, and the empty passenger chair. I didn' t tell my family I'd come back, and I looked at their faces when I got back to the farm. However, if you do something like this, tell a friend. Don't be like that

My route drove me through Utah, and one of the worst storms I ever had. It was so dynamic that at one point I went to the right

I continued through Omaha (not eating Mexican food in Omaha), Champaign and Ohio before I returned to Maryland. I came back just in time for dinner, and my parents ' faces were exactly what I was hoping for. Their smiles were worth the journey. You can really write anywhere, gang

This experience may have lasted for six months, but I have come to understand what I wanted than ever before

My last word is wise: Drink in your choice, good and bad, and accept the reality when it hits you. Being at home is fine. Stigmatizationa lie

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Terry Erickson is a screenwriter, a movie fan, and a nice guy from Baltimore. He keeps talking about "Back to the Future" and loves almost everyone