Topics for Narrative Essay

The narrative essays are written and presented as a story. It is a good opportunity to share your experiences, show your point of view on certain events in life and develop your storytelling skills. The popularity of this work explains why students from almost all faculties and backgrounds can be asked to write and present a narrative essay on a particular subject.

It is not always easy to choose a good subject and story for such an essay. If you have never written a narrative essay before, you need to read the work of other students to understand how to develop the structure, how to use personal narrative ideas and which subjects to use.

You need to understand that the topic is the basis on which you will develop all the parts of the essay, so you need to think carefully about your topic so that the narrative essay can write a good work and show that the topic is really important to you.

What are good topics for a narrative essay

Knowledge of the themes of narrative discourse and personal narrative ideas will influence your score. Choosing a theme for your essay is an advantage, because you can write about a theme you are passionate about.

So how do you choose the right theme for your creative writing? It is very simple. To start with, you need to know that the best storytelling theme for a conference can be an event in your life. You can choose a memory and use it to build an amazing story. You may have a lot of memories waiting to be written.

Life stories that are told in the first person (and usually end with a moral or conclusion, also called a coda) may fit the definition of a personal story (autobiographies are also first-person life stories, but are much more complex and extensive).

So why not make use of them? In other situations, you may feel that a topic in class is not related to an event or a memory in your life. When confronted with this situation, you can create a fictional story. Another excellent alternative is to search online for examples of good storytelling topics.

An example of a personal narrative essay is a shared memory of a person who saw the author as a child who made a strong impression (e.g. because of his extraordinary qualities).

Here is a small selection of 50 topics for narrative essay.

  1. My childhood.
  2. My most memorable school years.
  3. My travel experience.
  4. My family traditions.
  5. My experience of living in a foster family.
  6. How I've cultivated relationships.
  7. The most important events that have marked my life.
  8. The life of a university student.
  9. How computer skills helped me.
  10. The first novel I read.
  11. Because I like mountaineering.
  12. Ever since I survived my first speech...
  13. My first time abroad.
  14. Worst day of my life.
  15. I'd like to know what's behind this.
  16. What makes me different.
  17. Have you ever felt the need to impress others?
  18. The things my parents taught me.
  19. What I could change in human history.
  20. What I would do with a billion dollars.
  21. Losing a good friend.
  22. My favorite childhood stories.
  23. How was my first day of school?
  24. How to relax after a long day.
  25. What would I do if I became famous...
  26. My favorite subjects in college.
  27. How I overcame my greatest fear...
  28. My greatest achievements.
  29. The things I like about me.
  30. My favourite musician.
  31. My first news.
  32. My first relationship.
  33. What I do to relieve stress.
  34. How to deal with depression?
  35. People who have an impact on my life.
  36. My favourite activities.
  37. The role of social networks in my life.
  38. The worst argument of my life.
  39. My favourite family holiday.
  40. Places I want to visit.
  41. My model.
  42. Because I love camping.
  43. My dearest childhood memory.
  44. My favourite activities with my friends.
  45. The first time I fought with my best friend...
  46. My first heartbreak.
  47. How can I change the world.
  48. The things I could say to my young self.
  49. How do I keep my relationship with my family.
  50. The most important principle in life.

Narrative essay topics for college students

The narrative essays focus on personal experiences, so that some students feel uncomfortable with them. This problem can easily be solved by choosing a topic that you want to share with others.

Remember that narrative essays should describe your personal experience of something. They are often used to tell a story. They should be written in chronological order and be very specific. Your narrative essay should be clear and contain precise details.

Below you can find the list of narrative essay topics for college.

  1. An interesting situation.
  2. A strange encounter.
  3. A dangerous experience.
  4. A life-changing experience.
  5. The moment you heard the best news.
  6. When you heard the worst news.
  7. Your first memory.
  8. A questionable decision you had to make.
  9. A time when I was lost.
  10. An important discovery.
  11. When you first left your house...
  12. A vacation you took when you were young.
  13. When you have a child.
  14. One of his proudest moments.
  15. Describe your best day so far.
  16. Describe your worst day so far.
  17. How does your family influence your life?
  18. What is "home" to you?
  19. What is a child's turning point?
  20. The moment you discovered your talent.
  21. A moment when you've been nice to someone.
  22. A moment when a new beginning has been made...
  23. A time when appearances can be deceiving...
  24. A time when you meet someone important...
  25. The first time he was pulled over for speeding.
  26. A moment when your point of view or attitude has changed...
  27. When you met a friend...
  28. When someone dies.
  29. Two reports on the same event.
  30. Your first day at a new place of work.
  31. Your first day at a new school.
  32. An awkward moment.
  33. A moment when you broke the rules and got caught.
  34. The end of a friendship.
  35. The moment you get a new pet...
  36. An awkward moment.
  37. A moment when you get close to your parents...
  38. A moment when you were really lonely.
  39. A time when you made the wrong choice...
  40. A unique experience for you.
  41. A moment when someone betrayed him...
  42. A real connection that made.
  43. A moment when you break a bone...
  44. A difficult misunderstanding.
  45. A time when history has been experienced.
  46. A refusal.
  47. A hypothesis.
  48. Your best performance in sports, dance, music, etc..
  49. A frustrating situation.
  50. What makes you feel alive?
  51. What is the most important thing in friendship?
  52. Which of your characteristics is most important to you?
  53. If you could undo an experience in your life, what would that experience be?
  54. Which of your old places of residence seems more "familiar" to you?
  55. Have you been treated differently because of your appearance?

Once you have chosen one of these topics, ask your teacher to do so if necessary. When you start writing, it may be useful to work with a professional writer of a master's thesis or other low-cost nonfiction service. These professional writers will write an essay that you can follow when you write yours.

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